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2024 Review: Casper Dream Max Hybrid – The Perfect Balance of Plushness and Support


Casper Dream Max Hybrid Mattress Review: A Plush Option for Side Sleepers

The Casper Dream Max Hybrid


  • Medium-soft firmness profile that provides a lot of pressure relief
  • Accommodating overall feel
  • Hybrid option
  • Zoned support design

Don’t Like

  • Could be too soft for many sleepers
  • Not ideal for someone seeking a memory foam mattress
  • Quite expensive

Product Details

  • Type: Soft neutral hybrid mattress
  • Firmness: Medium-soft or 3
  • Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Price: $$$

Casper is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattress brands, with the Dream Max Hybrid being an enhanced version of their base model Dream Hybrid. With a more sophisticated design and softer profile, this mattress is a compelling choice for those seeking a plush option.

First Impressions

Unboxing the Dream Max Hybrid revealed its plushness, ideal for side sleepers. The zoned support layers provide targeted comfort, and the overall feel was similar to the now discontinued Casper Nova Hybrid, a favorite among side sleepers.

Construction and Feel

The Dream Max Hybrid features five distinct layers, including support foam, pocketed coils, and various memory foams. The zoned support design enhances spinal alignment and provides a soft yet supportive feel.

Zoned Support Design

The Dream Max Hybrid’s zoned support design offers varying firmness levels for improved spinal alignment. The memory foam and responsive foam layers work together to provide targeted support, particularly beneficial for back pain.

Firmness and Sleeper Types

Rated as medium-soft, the Dream Max Hybrid is best suited for primary side sleepers. While it may work for combination sleepers, the plush firmness profile caters to side sleepers seeking pressure relief.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support

The reinforced edge support of the Dream Max Hybrid ensures stability, even for softer mattresses. This feature is crucial for couples sharing a bed.

Motion Isolation

While average in motion isolation, the Dream Max Hybrid should suffice for most sleepers. Light sleepers may notice some cross-mattress motion compared to all-foam options.

Temperature Regulation

The Dream Max Hybrid’s top layers offer breathability and temperature neutrality. Although not actively cooling, the mattress remains comfortable for most sleepers.


As one of Casper’s pricier options, the Dream Max Hybrid caters to those willing to invest in quality sleep. Discounts may be available, especially during holidays and promotions.

Mattress Policies

Free Shipping

All Casper mattresses, including the Dream Max Hybrid, ship free within the contiguous United States. Unboxing is simple, but assistance is recommended for larger sizes.

100-Night Trial

Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial, allowing ample time to adjust to the mattress. Returns are hassle-free within the trial period.


Backed by a 10-year warranty, the Dream Max Hybrid ensures durability and long-term comfort for customers.

Final Verdict

For side sleepers seeking plush comfort and superior support, the Casper Dream Max Hybrid is a top choice. While the price may be a deterrent for some, the mattress’s quality and features justify the investment.

You might like the Casper Dream Max Hybrid mattress if:

  • You are a primary side sleeper
  • You have a decent budget for a new mattress
  • You prefer a hybrid mattress
  • You experience back pain

You might not like the Casper Dream Max Hybrid mattress if:

  • You prefer a memory foam feel
  • You prefer a firmer mattress
  • You are on a tight budget

Other Mattresses from Casper

Consider exploring other options from Casper, such as the Dream Hybrid or the Snow Max Hybrid, based on your preferences and budget.

How does the Dream Max Hybrid mattress compare to similar mattresses?

Compare the Dream Max to other premium mattresses like the Puffy Royal Hybrid or the Purple Restore Premier to determine the best fit for your sleep needs.

Casper Dream Max Mattress FAQs

  • Is the mattress cover machine washable?

    No, the cover cannot be removed, but spot cleaning is recommended.

  • Is the Casper Dream Max Hybrid good for back pain?

    Yes, the zoned support design can alleviate back pain for many sleepers.

  • Do I need a foundation for the Casper Dream Max Hybrid?

    A solid or slatted foundation is ideal for the Dream Max Hybrid, rather than a box spring.

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