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Experience the ultimate luxury glamping in Texas with these new tents priced at $350 per night


Outdoorsy Expands Luxury Camping Offerings with New Glamping Properties

Outdoorsy’s Venture into Luxury Camping

RV rental platform Outdoorsy has recently ventured into the world of luxury camping, also known as “glamping,” with the opening of its third luxury campsite in the Texas Hill Country in March. With plans to launch 12 to 17 more properties in the next three years, Outdoorsy is making a significant investment in this growing segment of the hospitality industry.

The Popularity of Glamping

The trend of glamping has remained strong since its surge during the pandemic. With high-end resorts like Four Seasons entering the market and traditional campgrounds offering glamping options, the demand for luxury camping experiences continues to grow.

Outdoorsy’s Evolution

While Outdoorsy has been synonymous with RV rentals, the company’s decision to enter the non-moving accommodations business may seem surprising. However, CEO Jeff Cavins believes it is a natural evolution for the brand, as guests who rent RVs also need a designated place to stay overnight.

Investment in Luxury Campsites

Over the last 1 ½ years, Outdoorsy has invested $35 million in revamping and launching three luxury campsites, with plans for more properties on the horizon. The success of these investments has led to fully booked locations and positive guest feedback.

Luxury Tents at Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy’s luxury tents offer a high-end camping experience with amenities like wrap-around decks, mini-bars, and rainfall showerheads. The tents are climate controlled and feature ensuite bathrooms, making them a comfortable option for travelers seeking a more elevated camping experience.

Future Expansion and Competition

Despite stiff competition from brands like Autocamp, Outdoorsy is prepared to invest over $700 million in building more than 50 luxury camping locations over the next five years. With plans to launch additional properties in popular destinations like Zion and Yellowstone, Outdoorsy aims to establish itself as a leader in the luxury camping industry.

In conclusion, Outdoorsy’s foray into luxury camping with its glamping properties represents a strategic move to diversify its offerings and cater to the growing demand for upscale camping experiences. As the company continues to expand its portfolio of luxury campgrounds, travelers can expect more options for luxurious outdoor accommodations in the years to come.

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