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Is Premium Economy Worth the Cost and What Does It Include?


The Rise of Long-Haul Premium Economy: Is it Worth the Upgrade?

What is Long-Haul Premium Economy?

Over the past decade, airlines have introduced a long-haul premium economy cabin on certain aircraft, offering passengers a Goldilocks middle ground between economy and business class. These seats provide more room, comfort, and amenities compared to standard economy seats, making for a more enjoyable flying experience.

Is it worth paying for premium economy on long-haul flights?

According to aviation expert and journalist Edward Russell, paying for premium economy is worth it for the additional space and comfort it provides. While not quite on par with business class, premium economy offers an elevated dining experience and more personalized service from the crew, making it a popular choice among travelers.

The Growth of Premium Economy

While some airlines have offered premium economy for years, others are just now entering the market. For example, Emirates recently introduced a premium economy cabin to its fleet, adding more comfort options for passengers. As airlines continue to expand their premium cabin offerings, travelers can expect more choices and upgrades in the future.

How to Identify Premium Economy

It’s important to distinguish between true premium economy and simply an extra-legroom economy seat. Premium economy seats are usually sold as a separate class, while extra-legroom seats are an added fee on top of an economy fare. When booking a flight, be sure to look for the premium economy option for the best experience.

Overall, the rise of long-haul premium economy offers passengers a more comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. As airlines continue to invest in these cabins, travelers can expect more options and upgrades in the future.

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