Monday, April 8, 2024

Long Beach starts renovating Luxury Inn to accommodate homeless residents


Title: Transforming the Luxury Inn into Interim Housing for Long Beach’s Homeless Population

Long Beach is taking a significant step forward in providing housing solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness in the city. The former Luxury Inn in North Long Beach is being transformed into interim housing units as part of California’s Project Homekey Program. This initiative aims to create stable and supportive spaces for vulnerable individuals as they work towards securing permanent housing.

Renovating the Luxury Inn:
The City of Long Beach purchased the Luxury Inn for $16.5 million in September 2022, with renovations expected to cost $6.5 million. The project, consisting of 78 housing units, is scheduled to open in early 2025. The units will include 12 ADA-accessible rooms, common areas, and support facilities, all equipped with upgraded amenities for resident comfort and convenience.

Addressing Nuisance Properties:
The Luxury Inn was previously categorized as a nuisance property due to a high volume of police calls related to criminal activities. However, with the city’s intervention, this space is being repurposed to provide shelter and support to those in need. This initiative reflects Long Beach’s commitment to transforming problematic properties into solutions that benefit the community.

Collaborative Efforts and Funding:
Renovations on the Luxury Inn began in February, focusing on restoring essential utilities and infrastructure. The project is made possible through support from the State’s Project Homekey grants and Measure A funds. By leveraging partnerships and funding sources, Long Beach is making strides in addressing the homelessness crisis and providing meaningful solutions.

The transformation of the Luxury Inn into interim housing represents a significant milestone in Long Beach’s efforts to reduce homelessness and support vulnerable community members. This initiative showcases the city’s dedication to repurposing spaces, fostering collaboration, and creating positive change. Through projects like these, Long Beach is working towards a future where everyone has a place to call home.

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