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Rebel Wilson reveals that she used Ozempic while losing 80 pounds


**Rebel Wilson’s “Year of Health” Journey**

In a candid revelation, Rebel Wilson has shared that her impressive weight loss during her “year of health” in 2020 was partially aided by the type 2 diabetes medication Ozempic. The Australian actress, 44, who has since stopped using the semaglutide injectable, discussed her experience with The Sunday Times, highlighting the drug’s impact on her appetite for sweets. “Someone like me could have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those drugs can be good,” Rebel admitted.

**Inspired by Fertility Goals**

Rebel’s journey towards health was initially inspired by the advice of her IVF doctor in 2019, aiming to enhance her fertility given her diagnosis with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Despite facing skepticism, Rebel embarked on her health journey, pushing through doubts and external pressures.

**Navigating Hollywood Stereotypes**

The fear was that losing weight might alter her casting type in Hollywood, moving away from the “fat funny character” roles she was known for. Nonetheless, Rebel and her fiancĂ©e Ramona Agruma welcomed their daughter, Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson, via surrogate in November 2022.

**Struggles and Successes**

Previously, Rebel attributed her weight loss success to rigorous high-intensity interval workouts, nature hikes, and a diet rich in protein yet low in sugar, reaching her goal weight of 165lbs. However, the pressure of releasing her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising, led to a 20lb weight gain from stress eating. Rebel is open about her struggles and continues to prioritize authenticity and self-acceptance.

**Looking Forward**

Rebel’s journey and reflections on health and authenticity will be further explored in her 336-page autobiography Rebel Rising: A Memoir, set to release this Tuesday. Amidst a busy press tour and upcoming film projects, Rebel is finding balance in motherhood and her commitment to wellness. She emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to health while navigating the responsibilities of motherhood and her career.

As Rebel continues to inspire with her journey towards health and self-love, fans eagerly await her upcoming projects and personal revelations.

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