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Uncovering the Superhuman Protocol: Biologist Gary Brecka’s Breakthrough for UFC CEO Dana White’s Health Concerns


The Superhuman Protocol: Dana White’s Journey to Health and Wellness

A Closer Look at Dana White’s Health Journey

Dana White, the CEO of UFC, has been on a remarkable health journey that has inspired many. From struggling with basic physical health to following a strict routine to maintain his shape, White’s transformation is nothing short of impressive. One of the key factors behind his success has been Gary Brecka and his Superhuman Protocol.

Components of the Superhuman Protocol


The Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Pad is a device that mimics the Earth’s magnetic charge and a small amount of electric current. White incorporates it into his morning routine to kick start his day.

Cold Plunge Tub

White swears by the benefits of the Cold Plunge Tub, which he maintains at a temperature of around 50°F. This activity helps in regulating insulin levels, releasing endorphins, and boosting metabolism.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a popular recovery method known for reducing inflammation, improving skin quality, and boosting metabolism. White spends 20 minutes in a red light therapy bed as part of his routine.

Oxygen Therapy

White utilizes an EWOT machine that combines oxygen therapy with light exercise. This combination helps in repair and regeneration within the body, and White follows a specific workout routine with the machine.

The Impact of the Superhuman Protocol

Since incorporating the Superhuman Protocol into his daily routine, White has seen significant improvements in his physical health. He credits Gary Brecka for changing his life and continues to be a strong advocate for the protocol.

Overall, Dana White’s journey to health and wellness serves as a testament to the importance of dedication and finding the right routine that works for your body. By investing in his health and following the Superhuman Protocol, White has not only transformed his physical well-being but has also inspired others to prioritize their health.

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